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I recently had the chance to interview WSTR. We talked about their upcoming album, their label, music videos, and what fans can expect from their live show on 'The Inbetween Tour'. Check out the full interview below!

First off, thanks for the interview.
Sammy Clifford: Thank you for wanting to interview me.

Your new album Red, Green Or Inbetween is out in January. Can you tell me a little about the writing and recording process of the album?
We started writing this before the release of our first EP which may sound mad, but everything seemed to just happen so fast for us at this time. Kieren tracked all guitars from my house and we did pre pro with our friend Seb Barlow who always gives us a great pair of ears. I spent about a month in total doing vocals with Seb because I got ill half way through, but it was dope because we could just hang out and catch up whilst we worked at the same time. We're all really happy with the final product and excited to unleash it.

I like the album title, a lot. What is the meaning behind it and why did you think it fit as the title for the album?
The meaning behind this name is a double meaning. The Inbetween basically means limbo as that's where we have felt we have been stuck for a while - but the wet meaning behind it is the name of a significant old friend of mine called Amber.

You just released your new video for "Footprints". The video seems like it was comprised of some fun moments of the band. When did you record the footage for it and have you been pleased with the response to the song so far?
We recorded it all over the place. It wasn't initially recorded for a video but we thought we would give people a little more insight on our life on the road which is always a laugh. The singing parts were recorded when we were extremely drunk in Holland and Germany.

You're working with No Sleep Records, which is a label responsible for launching some pretty big bands. You guys put the EP out through No Sleep and now your debut album is coming out with them as well. What made you want to sign to No Sleep and have you had a positive experience on the label so far?
We fell in love with No Sleep from our first Skype call. They just seemed really genuine and interested. We've had a pretty solid relationship and we're very appreciative of what they've done for us. They put faith in us before we'd even played a show and that takes balls. None of us ever expected to be signed to a record label.

The band is fixing to head out on 'The Inbetween Tour'. What can fans expect from those shows as far as set list and the stage show? Will you be playing many new songs?
We are playing the 2 new singles and maybe a cheeky little teaser of another song. I think personally we're the best we've ever sounded which probably isn't hard, but we're happy with the progress. Also going to a lot of cities we've never been before so hoping to see a lot of new faces. We're really excited.

What made you want to take out Milestones as support for this tour?
We've known Milestones since our first show. They're local lads and really good dudes who we've been meaning to get together with for a while so we thought now’s a good a time as any.

I guess that wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else you would like to add?
Check out our new singles 'Lonely Smiles' and 'Footprints' and pre order our album 'Red, Green or Inbetween' which comes out January 20th. Hopefully see you on the road over the next couple weeks.

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