A Story Told - Cover "Closer" By The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

West Virginia Alt Pop clan, A Story Told, released a cover video of "Closer" by The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey. Frontman Alex Chaney said they chose to cover the song because "there's definitely a deeper emotional aspect to the song; much more than your typical radio pop song. We're all huge fans of the song, which was very helpful in creating our own take on it. This song is very "2016" and specific to time and place, and we wanted to deeper explore the emotional aspect of it. I feel like when I listen to this song, say 15 years down the road, memories of my life and the people currently in it will all come flooding back to me. As people we all tend to correlate music with certain times and places, so visually we wanted to create something along the lines of that idea. This woman dancing is revisiting a time and place in her life that she hasn't been to in a long time, through dance. At first she feels awkward and silly, but as the song progresses she becomes more familiar with how she used to dance and all of these fond memories of happiness and joy overtake her. Obviously as life goes on and people move on things change. She's dancing to an empty theater, which speaks to how you may no longer be invested in many of the same things you once were as we get older and grow. Despite the young and careless theme "we ain't ever getting older", this video is a representation of the inevitable aftermath". Listen below.

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