Welcome Home - 'Just Happy To Be Here' (Quick Review)

Welcome Home's new album Just Happy To Be Here is an album that I think will provide a nice transition from summer to fall. It's poppy in places but it has a nice hard edge and some heavy guitars in spots. The vocals sound slightly rough, but in a nice clean pop/rock way. "Stature" kicks off the album and vocally and musically it reminds me a little bit of the more alternative/pop/rock Finch songs. It's a nice album opener and a great way to start the album off. I like the way the bass guitar sounds on the song and I like the vocal performance a lot. "Bent" has some nice guitar parts and the drums are pounded so heavy on the song that it gives it a lot of great energy.

On the opposite end "Foolish" is an acoustic song. I like the way the vocals were recorded for the song. They compliment the lyrics nicely. They sound a little distant, airy, and have a somber tone to them. They almost sound like they were recorded in a large room. It's a really good song and a personal favorite of mine from the album. "Lucy" is an instrumental song that provides some neat ambient noises and some really good sounding guitar parts. It provides some cool musical moments and I like that the song has a very forward moving feeling. It is very driving in nature to me. I think Welcome Home have written a nice album here. I would probably classify it as emo/rock with a lot of heavy guitars and pounding drums. This is a solid, well put together album and worth your time!

For a blast from the past check out our interview with the band from last year: HERE.

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