COVE - Announced Debut Release & First Single

Hardcore newcomers COVE announced their debut release We Were Once Lost will be released on October 10th. They released the first single "An Honour". Vocalist Sam King said the song is about "the hundreds of meaningless and purposeless wars and conflict humanity has enacted. People killing other, burning there homes willing to break their bones or even give their life just because 'the man/the powers that be' ordered them too". (Listen below.)

We Were Once Lost covers heavy themes including despising people, War, feeling lost and alone, and the desire to be creatively fulfilled. They said, "we felt like this summed up how each of us in the band had felt at one time for different situations - whether it be in our personal lives, work lives or band lives – and that felt like something a lot of other people could relate to. It is about not necessarily knowing the outcome of a decision, but having the guts to make it and see it through regardless; the beauty of risk taking".

Track Listing:
1. …
2. No Place
3. Dead Sea
4. Buried
5. Sonder
6. Found At Last
7. An Honour

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