Here's a preview of Puss in Boots #3 coming out on June 22nd! Click the images to enlarge.

Writers: Max Davison, Alex Matthews
Artists: Egle Bartolini & Various
FC - 32pp - $3.99 - On Sale: Jun 22

Cover A: Photo
Cover B: Photo

"A mysterious pedlar sets up his shop in San Lorenzo. But when his magic shoes enslave the townsfolk it's up to Puss and a band of fairytale vigilantes - the screaming Banshee, Shockheaded Peter and Fintin the Salmon of Wisdom- to save the day. And in a special bonus story, Dulcinea is distraught when she finds a vital page is missing from her famous Book. Puss, the orphans and Mayor Temeroso try to help with hilarious results!"

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