Mike Felumlee/P.K. Workman TSTES Vol. 2 (Vinyl Review)

Broken Heart Records new series Two Sides To Every Story is a really cool project focusing on unsigned bands. This is the second volume of the series and it features Mike Felumlee (ex-Alkaline Trio) and P.K. Workman. Both artists have two tracks on this 7" with a fifth track available digitally. The fifth track features a collaborative song between Workman and Felumlee.

After volume 1 of this series I was really interested to see what volume 2 would be like. I think in some ways volume 2 comes out possibly stronger than volume 1. Mike Felumlee's tracks sound really good on this. Felumlee played on my favorite Alkaline Trio album so I'm always interested to hear his solo stuff and the two songs featured on this are really good. I have to admit though it is P.K. Workman's tracks that peaked my initial interest before I had even received this. I've known about Workman for a while and I like his sound. He has kind of a folk/pop/rock vibe. His side of the 7" sounds fantastic. The 7 inch is worth the price for Workman alone. "I Can't Believe Ghosts Anymore" sounds great on vinyl. Both songs sound good, but it was easily my favorite on the 7". I'm really glad Broken Heart Records decided to include Workman. It's awesome to have some of his material on vinyl. Getting the Felumlee songs felt like a nice bonus. That's saying a lot too because the Felumlee songs are really good and in no way an afterthought.  On the digital version of this Felumlee and P.K. Workman collaborate on a song together and I think it's a great idea for fans of both artists. Doing something like this for a 7" series really works and helps create a really cohesive vibe for the listening experience. I wish this track could have been included on the 7" because it would have been neat to have it on there as well. At the same time I realize it's a 7" and Broken Heart Records has really fit as much as they could on it. So I don't mind that it's just digital, but I do urge you to check it out; I feel like it really helps make this release feel complete.

Two Sides To Every Story Volume 1 was pressed on black vinyl out of 300. Volume 2 has the same pressing number. It is out of 300, but it is pressed on transparent green vinyl. The sleeve is similar just slightly different in color tone and picture, but still features the same font style as the first 7" which continues the theme of the series. The sleeve is also similar to Volume 1. It's a fold over with printing on both sides. This is a series that showcases unsigned talent for a really fair price. It’s a really high quality release and sound quality is really good. This is something I've come to expect from every Broken Heart Records release. They always do a nice job with their records.

Overall this is another great chapter in a great series. I really like this 7". Both artists contribute great songs. I've listened to this about seven times since I received it and the songs just get better and better. At this point I trust this series to deliver something really cool each time and I think if you check this out you'll really enjoy it.

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