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I recently had the chance to interview Above The Underground. Check out the full interview after the jump.

Your new album Sonder is out in February. Can you tell me a little about the recording process of the album? Who did you work with on the new album?

 We recorded with our good friend Matt O'Grady, who we've worked with a few times on previous releases. Matt is not only a great guy but an incredible producer who really understands our sound so it was a real honour to work with him again. The recording process itself was very relaxed. There was a lot of beer and FIFA involved. We had more time on this one so it was definitely a very chilled environment. We had a lot more time to sit back and really think about the type of sounds we were after. I think it came out great.

As far as songwriting goes what was really important to you guys as a band when you started writing songs for the new album?

 We wanted it to be an honest representation of us as a band and as people. So many bands write what they think people want to hear or what's going to be the next big thing and that's something I never want to do. We just wanted to write something that was true to ourselves without focusing on what was trending in the scene at the minute or what pop punk cliches we could jump on to grab a few more fans. We wanted it to be as honest as possible.

What song in particular on this new album do you think stands out and why?

It's hard to say, I like them all. I love the last song, Reprise, though. I think it's the best song we've written, I'm not sure why, it just kind of stands out to me.

One song I like a lot from the new album "I Was Never Lost". Can you tell me a little about the songwriting process for the song and about the writing process of the lyrics for the song?

 That song was originally written for a split we put out last year with a band called On My Honor. It went through a lot of different versions before we finished it. Even before we recorded it for the album we re wrote quite a lot of it. That song has been a work in progress for a while but I feel like it's finally come together on this record. Lyrically the song deals with being in a band and the difficulties that arise from it in your personal life. The chorus lyrics are actually in part from an older song about the same thing.

One thing I really think is interesting and eye catching is the album artwork. Why did you guys decide on the particular image for the album artwork? What type of meaning does it have to you as a band or the album itself?

 The artwork was done by our awesome friend Joe Latham who we've been working with for years now. We went through quite a few different designs before we settled on that one. The inside of the artwork, for the CD tray, is probably the coolest thing I've ever seen him do and we all shit our pants with excitement when we saw it.

You guys have a pretty good buzz around the album. As far as expectations what would you like to see this album do for you guys as a band? What do you want the fans to get from the listening experience?

 We just hope that people enjoy it. We've got a good thing going on at the minute, we're touring loads and that's how I want things to continue. I'm not really sure where the record could or will take us but that's kind of exciting so I guess we'll just have to see how it goes.

What are your plans for 2014? Do you plan to spend most of the year touring?

 We'll be on the road hopefully around eight months out of the year. We want to tour as many places as possible. We've already done the EU this year and we're going over to Russia next month. We're really hoping to get back over to the States at the end of the year.

I guess that about wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else you would like to add?

 Thanks a lot to anyone who's checked us out so far!

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