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You guys are a duo that has been around for a while. Can you let our readers know how the duo started and what you think your biggest accomplishment so far has been?

K.O.-well... we met and started in high school... ha-ha now that you mention it that was a little while ago.. we graduated and through some opportunities I got while in college we continued to further our push towards our musical goals.. seeing how that was around 04.. 05.. and we are still here.. still growing.. musically and individually. I would say the fact that we are still here 3 mixtapes 2 albums and a few EPs later, better.. that’s what I would say our biggest accomplishment is.. there have been a lot of little accomplishments along the way.. but to me.. those hundred and fifty sum odd songs outweighs them all.

Reign 40 Days And 40 Nights was released on Bandcamp not to long ago as a free download. What was the recording process like for the project? Are you guys in house beats or do you have a producer you work with?

Crunch- That’s funny I just kind of threw that Album title up randomly but those recordings are even more random. We handpicked a few songs from our catalog to showcase to people over the net to try and build some kind of buzz, while at the same time not releasing more recent recordings due to the fact we had a Debut Album we were working on. But our recording process is pretty much organic, we vibe out, crack a few jokes, and just let the talent run rampant. We have a few producers we work with but Skhye Hutch produces the bulk of our work, so he’s definitely the sound to making Reign Major music.

“Greenlight” is one of my favorite tracks off the Reign 40 Days And 40 Nights. Lyrically it is really cool. Could you tell me how that song came together and where you guys heads where at when you made that track?

KO- wow haha these questions are dead on.. Greenlight is one of my favorite joints as well.. a mutual friend of ours.. producer Tae Beast had an album release party for his album Champions. It was held club Aura in Studio City CA.. we had such an eventful night at that night.. gettin it in with the music fam.. shouts to the whole RockStar 4Star camp… anywho.. the next morning we met up before a session.. and literally in like 30 minutes we wrote Greenlight and another joint called Money In The Air.. as far as where our heads were… besides cloud 9..lol we tend to pull from good experiences.. so we used that night and the energy that came with it.. put it on paper.. and walah..

Reign Major stylistically is really interesting. It seems like you guys draw from a lot of different types of musical influences. Who are some people that influence you guys and what do you strive to achieve when you make music? What do you want listeners to get from the music?

Crunch- Yeah we both grew up around a lot of music, from Michael Jackson to 2pac to more recent artist like Kanye West and M.I.A. We thrive off doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing, whether it be on the production end or lyrical. I just want them to enjoy the music.

You are from Los Angeles which has some really interesting musical acts coming out of the area. Who are some of your favorite LA artists?

KO- there is such a variety of music talent that has stemmed from or near LA.. I mean Van Halen is out of Pasadena.. Dr Dre is from Compton and then there’s Red Hot Chilli Peppers.. all of those are and have been dope acts.. and believe it or not.. I listen to them all.. however.. sum of my favorite artist out of Southern Cali include people like Kendrick Lamar, Absoul and them.. tech 9 is dope.. dude is crazy wit it.. I try to keep my ear open for different sounds and different sounding artists.. so I can appreciate a band like sublime.. even tho I have The Game in my ipod..

There are a lot of artists in hip hop that are doing things the right way and lot that are trying to cash in on fads. What is one trend that’d you would like to see end?

Crunch- I don’t know I think the way everyone was doing auto-tune kind of got played out. I do like the effect I just think everyone was soaking up the way t-pain did it. I feel as though the music out there is cool, like I have no problem with it, I would like to hear more substance though.

For anyone who hasn’t heard Reign Major what song do you think is a good introduction to your music and why?

KO- honestly there’s soooo many tracks to choose from.. but id say Look At Me which was a song that was supposed to go on our Debut 23/33 album.. has a good feel to it.. and shows our diversity in how we can have fun with music yet still give um crazy one liners and a few of them rewind verses.. lmao

What’s next for Reign Major? What are you guys working on at the moment?

Yea were currently working on wrapping up a new mixtape called Heroes Vol. 1. But we got a whole lot of music were about to start putting out, some new some old. Just shot a video for the lead single off the mixtape called “Look @ Me” were real excited about that.

I guess that about wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to do the interview. Do you have any closing comments you’d like to make?

KO- good lookin on the interview.. hit us up anytime.. we’re always with finding different ways to get our name out there.. don’t forget to hit the reignmajorbandcamp dot com.. and the reignmajor twitter.. shyt you can even youtube we r major and checkout the videos.. freestyles.. songs and more.. but that’s it for me though.. till next time.. reign major.. WE MAJOR.. signing off… Focker OUT…lol!!!!

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