Main Attrakionz - Sound In The Signals Interview

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You guys have gotten a lot of notice this year. Your mixtapes have had some big buzz. What was your favorite thing about 2010 and what do you think the biggest accomplishment was?

MondreM.A.N : The new outlets we gained. Its really more than music because in 2010 we didn't have our traphouse but we still had plenty 2009 songs. We shot hella videos for those, recorded "Legion Of Doom" all that was crazy.
Squadda B: Shit really contacting the people who listen to us would be my favorite thing, I respect & appreciate our supporters more than they know, biggest accomplishment would be gaining enough interest to make people wanna interview us.

Your mixtape 808's and Dark Grapes is one of your more popular mixtapes. Can you tell me a little about the mixtape and how you guys put it together?

MondreM.A.N: That was just a lost tape some songs were new ("Legion Of Doom") but those were past songs we did, alot of the songs already had videos. We smoked good listening to it, dropped it 4/20
Squadda B: Yeah, 808 & Dark Grapes was like a year in review we gathered 2009's most slept on songs and added something extra. I always treat projects like i'm the fan, i'd never give out something that's already released. I hate releasing music that's not our best work and when it get's acclaim like 808's did, It makes me really wanna put out that cocaine. raw coca leaf.

Fader described you guys as lo-fi bedroom rap. Which I haven't heard many groups described quite like that. Do you feel that's a fair description?

MondreM.A.N: It's whatever they wanna call it, you see where we was at in the "Still The Legion" video. That's where we be. Who else can crank epic songs in a bedroom. If I was in a billion dollar bedroom would I be Hi-Fi? Its good we eatin' Cup Of Noodles, we chillin. We make self made classics we not like anybody on The Fader.

What is it about your music that you think makes you stick out from the rest of the hip hop world?

MondreM.A.N: I know there's a difference but that's what I want the people out there to decide. I'm influenced by all music.
Squadda B: We got good taste in music, if not good taste then revolutionary taste. When it comes to beats it's only stuff we'd listen to everyday. Plus I got a funny way of sampling that's gaining attention.

What's up next for you guys in 2011?

MondreM.A.N: L.O.D will be dropping that year, I know we said December 24th but go get 808s And Dark Grapes volume 2 on Itunes. Def will be out by 2011, More mixtapes, EPs, Self made classics, everything. Be on the lookout we out here.
Squadda B: We been recording crazy trying not to leak everything, our best songs to date is up next for 2011. I got a solo project with Clams Casino who produced for Havoc, Lil' B, Soulja Boy, Sha Stimuli.. Really trying to outdo our 2010 moves..

CB named your track “Legion of Doom” number 33 on their Best Rap of 2010 list. What was it like to be included on that list and to beat out big names like Lupe Fiasco and Nicki Minaj?

MondreM.A.N: First off shoutout to Lupe & Nikki its kind of crazy now looking at our name in the midst of these millionaire niggas that's on but it doesn't excite me this is nothing but more to make a nigga work harder. Who knows maybe in 2011 you see my name in some diamonds around my neck.
Squadda B: I been reading CB for a while. First time I got on there was when he threw up a song I produced.. but Main Attrakionz only made it to his tumblr not the big page. Now I can say our first time making it on that website was a "best of" list which is better than anything. I love all websites man I wanna be on em all, every single one. everyone got a opinion. Bad or good I fuck with the fact that outsiders can tap into our world. Interesting reading how they see it. We been called great & garbage so many times I don't know what we are to y'all, but it's what keeps me making music.

To anyone who hasn't heard of you guys what track do you think would be a good introduction to your music and why?

MondreM.A.N: Legion Of Doom haha because thats the mvp most value played if i wanted u to sample a drug i'd let u try this. thousands of people kept coming back for more.
Squadda B: "Still The Legion" If they dont like Legion Of Doom or this they'll never admit they like us.

I guess that about wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to do the interview. Do you have any closing comments you'd like to make?

MondreM.A.N: Thank you for getting us in here love the support, more to come from Main Attrakionz green ova chap 2. s/o goes to space age hustle, soft money, let's get it in, ontask family, the whole town north oakland and all the niggas out here tryna make it happen. All i can say is stay true keep it lit & chase these racks stay solid stay safe. if you wanna contact a nigga hit me on that twitter thang @mondreman or buisness; main attrakionz@gmail. Go buy These New Puritans Hidden remixes all the way 3000. Thank yall once again.

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