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You guys just released your first full length album for free via your website. Why did you guys decide to give the album away for free? Have you been pleased with the response so far?

Kris Anaya: Well, we recorded the album almost a year ago and we really weren’t getting any push for it. We had thought that is Joe and I, were getting interest in a small indie label but it just didn’t work out, so we decided even though we could not get it out on a label we should let people have a listen. And yes I do think the response has been very good, I mean it’s a free record right?

It seems like in today's music scene artists are really taking back control over the music and relying less on labels. Do you think the current model of the record label is worth signing to in this day and age or do you think the DIY method is really the best option for artists?

Well, I think labels expect a lot for bands these days. I myself have little time to travel and I know labels really want a band to get out and sell there product but, I do not think it is worth it to prove my worth so I can get a better tour. I have already tried that so, Joe and I have decided to write some tunes and record them for people to enjoy. Maybe they will enjoy them in the present or in the future we look forward to both.

For those who aren't familiar with you (Kris) you used to be in a band called An Angle. This is your first project since An Angle. What was different about the song writing process of this album as opposed to the An Angle albums? What influenced the songs on the album (meaning where was your head at during the writing process)?

This project is not my own. It was molded with two minds, Joe and I. So you see a lot of Joe’s influences are in the record, the arrangements as well as the song writing. In my mind Joe really makes this record. As far as influences I would have to say just of collection of experiences I have acquired the past two years.

The sound of the overall album is really good. I was wondering who produced the album and where you recorded it at?

We did the record in the span of seven days, which is not including mixing of course. We did a bit of the record at The Hangar in Sacramento, and a bit of the record in Seattle at Robert Cheek’s house. Robert, who has always worked with me, did this record as well.

The string arrangements on the album are really nice. How did you guys go about coming up with the arrangements?

Joe Davancens arranged and conducted the record. He spent most of the time trying to layer the tunes. My real job was to write them.

The new album has a lot of diversity and it seems like you guys put a lot of work into it. From start to finish what did you set out to accomplish with this record? Do you think you've accomplished that goal?

I believe it’s a beautiful record. The tunes just have their own story. Joe and I spent about a year trying to pick a patch of tunes we wanted to work with. During the year we actually took a break because of some personal issues and we both kind of forgot about the whole record but we eventually came together and finished it and I believe we accomplished it. We have had nothing but good thoughts about it from day one. I am very proud of these tunes.

Lyrically the new album is really good. What lyric on the record is your favorite and why?

Oh jeez. “And if you change then I change, there is something different but we look the same, as I watch from afar, I am insecure about your words and thoughts.” I think this part is about two friends or two lovers that have grown from their relationship and ultimately have to see each other grow from afar. I guess.

I know the album was streaming for a while on myspace for fans to listen to before the official release. Now that the debut is officially out do you have any plans for a follow up release? If so when do you think we might hear it?

We are going to record another record in the summer. I can’t wait to hear it myself.

We interviewed Two Sheds for the November issue and I know you've talked about them in the past and they had nothing but nice things to say about you. You seem to come from an area that has a lot of really interesting and emerging talents. Who are some of the up and coming artists from your area people should check out and why?

Oh! They did!!! Well that’s great news phew! This area is beautiful a lot of great talents come and go. This town is also very hard to maintain a music scene, as you know a lot of C.E.O are not knocking at our doors in Sacramento. There’s some emerging talents, Sea of Bees are doing good things.

I like the An Angle albums, but I've always wondered if you thought your label kind of mismanaged you and maybe people judged you too early? Did you feel like with An Angle it was an uphill battle?

Oh man that was a nightmare! And plus I was so young. I feel the label tried as hard as they could to make us a success story, if they didn’t they wouldn’t of kept putting out our albums but, a lot of people hated the fact that I sounded like Bright Eyes. Well I will let you in on a little secret. I actually sounded a lot like other artists to. =)

You still have a lot of fans that are attached to the An Angle moniker, I know you have this new project now, do you think you'd ever like to record another album under the An Angle name or is it a thing of the past?

That would be a lot of fun. But honestly a lot of the musicians that were in An Angle have moved on. They have written their own success stories, which I am so excited for but, if the chance came up, I would love to make another record with that band. Just so I can see the reviews. Ha ha ha.

I guess that about wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have any closing comments you'd like to make?

I Just want to say thanks for taking your time out to interview me. Also, I wanted to tell people to download the record enjoy it and appreciate music as much as you can, it’s such a lovely thing

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