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You released your debut album last year Ripped Up Jeans And Silly Dreams and you are currently working on your follow-up album. What can you tell our readers about the new album? What will be different or similar from the Ripped Up…?

Let me start this off by saying I’m hopped up on cold medicine, so if I sound a little incoherent, I apologize. It’s been a tough winter on my immune system.

Anyway, we are so excited for our follow up album! So far we’re almost done with recording. We were actually supposed to finish up today, but my voice got messed up from this cold so I couldn’t sing right.

The record will be pretty similar to our last one, but I think it sounds more streamlined. We spent a lot more time arrange and recording this one – it’s just really thought out. There aren’t any tracks that are purely acoustic like on Ripped up Dreams, but we’ve still got ballads and plenty of fast paced fun songs.

Do you know when fans can expect to hear any new music from the upcoming album or when the album itself might be released?

We’re looking forward to two releases in the coming months – a split with our friends Sister Kisser which is coming out in, I think, April, and a new record this summer. I feel like we’ve been working on this forever and keep pushing back the date, but I swear this one will stick.

You are currently allowing people to download Ripped up Jeans for free. What made you decide to give the album away for free and how do you think giving it away for free has impacted the success of your band?

Giving away the record was never a question. When we started, we sort of released it without any direction or plan, pressed the cds, and blindly went on tour down the coast. We had absolutely no idea how to get this record heard so putting our record up for free was the best thing that ever happened to us. When IfYouMakeIt posted Ripped up Jeans for us, we found this whole scene I never knew existed, tons of new friends, and tons of wonderful things that I get all sappy thinking about.

The title Ripped Up Jeans And Silly Dreams is an interesting title. I was wondering what inspired the title of the album?

The title came from one of the lines in “Blocking the Sunshine” which was particularly important to me because I feel like it embodies a huge part of myself – a daydreamer who’s always a little unsure and trying, and falling, and getting back up.

For the record, the jeans I’m referring to in that song are a pair I stole from my sister. Don’t tell her. She still doesn’t know.
As far as inspiration what inspires your lyrics? What do you think is the best song lyrically you’ve ever written and why do you think that?

Lyrics are the most important thing to me in music, hands down. I mostly write about my life because to me, my songs are sort of like photographs. I can sing them and remember a really great day, or a really terrible breakup, and I really want people to relate to me, sort of in a selfish way. To make me feel more, well, not alone in my misery or happiness. I want to help people not feel lonely too though; I hope these songs do that. Go figure, my favorite lyricist is John K. Samson who mostly writes about made up characters and stories.

I think my favorite song that I’ve written lyrically is either “Flashers Flashing” or “The Cracks Beneath Closed Doors.” I like the first one because I like playing with words and meanings, it’s sort of like a hobby of mine as a writer, and I also was really in love with the day I wrote about and that feeling. I was just really happy then. I like “Cracks” because it’s just really honest for me. I’m a pretty quiet and private person who wishes she could speak her mind a little more, and I feel like everything is frequently cluttered with how loud everything actually is. You’re screaming at a bar to hear your friend, screaming on a cellphone over static and tv, trying to sleep with the noises of traffic. I sometimes want to just tell the world to shut up.

I read that you had originally wanted to start a project that was kind of a folk rock act and obviously Candy Hearts has more of a raw punk sound. What inspired the change in direction?

I think the change spurred because Kris and I realized, like when we really think back to the songs we’ve fallen completely in love with, they weren’t the kind we were writing – and that’s always the goal. Sure, I love folk rock, and I sometimes hear folksy ballad and think, man, I really wish I could write something like that and I try for a few days, then end up frustrated. I just feel more of a connection to this style of music, and it’s the kind of stuff I hear in my head when I sit down to write.

Candy Hearts is labeled as “pop-punk” which sometimes gets a bad rap because of some of the stuff labeled pop-punk these days. To you what are some of your favorite pop-punk albums? Do you think the word pop-punk gets overused to label things?
Pop punk is used a lot, but I understand how it applies to such a wide variety of music that really doesn’t have a better name – you just can’t write it off as what we remember hearing on the radio in 2003, because most of us think that was sort of annoying and pop punk as a whole isn’t.

Personally, I worry that we’re not punk or tough enough to even be considered pop-punk or fit in with the pop punk crowd, because I don’t feel very punk compared to some of the bands I listen to or even some of my friends. My favorite records that I would consider pop punk are Dear You by Jawbreaker and Reunion Tour by the Weakerthans. They’re perfect records, in my opinion.

I guess that about wraps it up thanks for taking time to answer the questions. Do you have any closing comments you’d like to add?

Uhm...I guess...buy our next record, or at least pirate it off the internet, but seriously. Listen to it, please.

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