Big Soda - Sound In The Signals Interview

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First off thanks for the interview

Brian: You’re welcome. Thanks for asking us.

You guys are a relatively new band. You released your first EP Paper Route last year. Can you tell me a little about the recording process of that EP? Do you think you captured the vibe you were going for with it?

Kyle: We recorded most of the EP late this one night at our old practice space. We didn’t really have any vibe in mind, but we’d been playing the songs for a little while and Bill from Evil Weevil Records had talked to us about doing a 7” so we did ‘em.

I think Big Soda has a great sound. To me it’s kind of a mixture of maybe Descendents or Screeching Weasel style punk with nineties alternative rock/grungeish vocal tendencies. Do you think that’s a fair assessment? When you guys started playing how did you develop the sound you have?

Kyle: It is always really hard to determine what your music sounds like to other people. When we started the band we talked about how we wanted to play like the Breeders or something. I had been making demos at my mom’s house sort of in that vein, then when we started playing them all together they just started sounding how they sound, and it felt right.

The EP came out last year are you working on a follow-up now. Any chance there will be another release this year a Big Soda full length maybe?

Kyle: Yeah we’re sorta hoping to get a full length done by the end of the year, in the mean time we’re doing a tape of some of the songs that are probably ultimately going on that. Right now we’re mostly just working on songs and doing some shows.

To me you guys are one of the more promising bands to come out in a while and I think you are kind of capturing something that has been missing in bands labeled pop-punk or just in music in general. The kind of raw energy that so many producers want to edit out and clean up. What are your thoughts on the current state of music and do you feel like a lot of music is really cookie cutter these days?

Brian: Thanks! I can see how some bands can be seen as trying to fit into a sound or use a particular formula. When it comes down to it I feel like you just have to do what blows your hair back. We just do what feels right to us.

You guys are from Brooklyn. What’s the Brooklyn scene like and how did you come together to form Big Soda?

Brian: I knew Josh from playing in other bands and I knew Kyle from college. Kyle and I were in other bands and we started talking about playing music together so we asked Josh if he wanted to play drums with us and that is how we all came together to start Big Soda.

I was watching some stuff on youtube and you guys have a really energetic live show. What do you think is you favorite part of your live show? What can fans expect when they come to a Big Soda show?

Kyle: I think we just have fun playing. I like seeing how different each show is because of whatever weird or bad or cool stuff happened to us that day, and seeing what spin that’ll put on this or that song. Aside from however good or bad we’re playing that night I guess we’re usually thinking about the song and where that’s coming from. Maybe everyone sees that too.

I guess that about wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have
any closing comments you’d like to make?

Brian: Thanks for the interview!

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