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I recently had the opportunity to interview Steven of Me From You. We discussed how they formed the band, how they wrote remotely during quarantine, writing and recording new song, “Wear Me Out”, working with Alan Day of Four Year Strong, performing live again, and more. Check it out below.

First, thanks for the interview.


Of course! Thank you for reaching out.


Can you tell me how you got together and formed the band for those who may be unfamiliar?


So I (Steven) have been writing songs with Chris for years. We put out our EP Framework last May mostly to get our name out in the world. At the time we had been finishing songs that we would eventually record with Alan Day of Four Year Strong. We probably spent about two years prior just sending demos back and forth, but once the quarantine happened we really took that time to work remotely and finish up songs we started to really love. We had played with Greg, Jay, and Kevin (Landscapes & Skylines) at prior local shows and I had reached out to them to help us record the new EP up in Massacheussettes. We really didn’t become a full band until we went up to record with Alan. But it’s been non stop writing and putting in work ever since.

You released “Wear Me Out” recently. Have you been pleased with the reaction you’ve been getting from it so far?

We did! We are extremely happy with the end result of the song and the reactions we’ve gotten back. People seem to really dig it which is all we can really ask for. So thanks to whoever is out there jamming to it!

Can you tell us more about the writing and recording process? 


Our process is a little different than most honestly. For a long time it was just me (Steven) writing songs on my balcony and then sending hundreds of voice notes until Chris and I were satisfied with it. It’s kind of the same now, but Greg and I have spent more time writing guitar parts together on our next batch of songs which has been a ton of fun. Usually after I send out a full demo to the band, we get into a studio and see what works and what needs to change so it becomes organic after a certain point for sure - which is in my opinion the result you want. We just want to have fun playing songs we love mostly.

You worked with Alan Day on the song. What was it like working with him and what do you think he brought to the recording process?

Working with Alan was surreal. He’s definitely one of our heroes and a major influence in our writing process so having him produce and record our EP was insane. He brought out aspects of our songs that we overlooked for sure and really figured out our sound from the get go. I guess you can say he shaped our sound over the course of the year we spent in quarantine working remotely, but being in the studio with him really took it to another level. We are eternally grateful to him for taking a chance on our band.


When can we expect to hear more new music? Do you know what your next single will be?


We have a single coming out next month in early November! So Keep a lookout. It will be on all media platforms.


I saw that you announced some upcoming shows. What can people expect in terms of the set list and live performance? What’s it like being able to perform again? 


We have a show coming up in a few weeks at Berlin in New York City. It’s exciting getting to play again! The last show some of us got to play was literally a week before the shutdown here so we’ve been in the practice space working on a killer setlist for everyone. We like to keep it fun so we changed up a lot of our older songs to keep them sounding fresh. I’m excited just to see people out again and listen to some great local bands!

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?


Thanks for having us on this interview -  we appreciate you guys! And don’t forget to check out Wear Me Out on spotify, apple music, and youtube. Our EP Rival Towns is out December 10th!

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