Sound In The Signals - Best Music Releases Of 2021 List (Mid-Year)

First, it seems like we’re getting to a better place in 2021 with the pandemic and that’s some much needed progress. This has been a great year for music. It might be one of my favorites in a while. I’ve tried to condense this list some. In doing so, I did have to cut a few things I really liked, but it leaves a little more excitement for the EOTY list. To be considered for this list the music had to be released between January 1-July 2.


 1.Mod Sun - ‘Internet Killed The Rockstar’


 2.Jxdn - ‘Tell Me About Tomorrow’


 3.Kennyhoopla - ‘Survivors Guilt’


4.Origami Angel - ‘GAMI GANG’


 5.AG Club ‘FYE Part 1 & 2’


6.Charlotte Sands - ‘Special’


7.Cole Chaney - ‘Mercy’


8.Chloe Moriondo - ‘Blood Bunny’


9.Camp Trash - ‘Downtiming’


10.Zao - ‘The Crimson Corridor’


11.nothing, nowhere. - ‘Trauma Factory’


12.Regrown - ‘Closed Casket Material’




14.Snacking - ‘Painted Gold’


15.Goody Grace - ‘Don’t Forget Where You Came From’


16.Home Is Where - ‘I Became Birds’


17.Arm’s Length - ‘Everything Nice’


18.Horror Section - ‘My Bloody Valentine’


19.Gojira - ‘Fortitude’


20.Good Sleepy - ‘everysinglelittlebit’


21.Tyler, The Creator - ‘Call Me If You Get Lost’


22.Drayton Farley - ‘A Hard Up Life’


23.Wristmeetrazor - ‘Replica Of A Strange Love’


24.Paris Texas - ‘BOY ANONYMOUS’


25.Parting - ‘Unmake Me’


26.Eric Church - ‘Heart & Soul’


27.Another Michael - ‘New Music And Big Pop’


28.Olivia Rodrigo - ‘SOUR’


 29.Real Talk - ‘A Better Life’


30.Nominee - ‘Outset’




31.Brockhampton - ‘Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine’

32.Drake - ‘Scary Hours 2’

33.Waxflower - ‘We Might Be Alright’

34.Hot Mulligan - ‘I Won’t Reach Out To You’

35.New Heroes/Madaline - ‘Split’

36.Dro Kenji - ‘F*ck Your Feelings’

37.Maggie Lindemann - ‘Paranoia’

38.Weezer - ‘Van Weezer’

39.boyband - ‘never knows best’

40.Porter Robinson - ‘Nurture’

41.Drippin So Pretty - ‘Rest In Peace’


As the industry moves further into the streaming era we’re seeing singles hit streaming more regularly than just traditional album and EP rollouts. I want to take a moment to highlight some singles released this year, as well. Some of these singles will appear on upcoming albums from these artists, but others might be standalone singles. In any case, they don’t fit in the above list because either they won’t appear on an album or the album hasn’t been released by this mid-year point. I think it is important to highlight them because I feel these songs are part of the best music releases so far this year.

Last Letters - “I Love You, Amy Smart”

House Parties - “Hindsight”

Nathan James - “Contain Myself”

Willow - “Transparent Soul”

Meet Me @ The Altar - “Feel A Thing”

Lil Huddy - “The Eulogy Of You And Me”

Girlfriends - “Congratulations”

Machine Gun Kelly - “Love Race”

Real Friends - “Nervous Wreck/Storyteller”

Between You & Me - “Supervillain”

Ricky Himself “I Know You Like Black Flag”

Static Dress - “sweet.”

Wstr - “All The Rage”

Chad Tepper - “Lonely Tonight”

Hometruths - “So Over You”

Junior Varsity - “Cold Blood”

Spiritbox - “Circle With Me”

Charlotte Sands - “Bad Day”

Penny Bored - “Emerald Green”

Lil Lotus - “Think Of Me Tonight”

IV & The Strange Band - “Son Of Sin”

Poptropicaslutz - “Bad Habit (Dramatic!)”

Youth Fountain - “Peace Offering”

Tyler Posey - “Shut Up”

Jutes “Fvck Your Boyfriend”

Nessa Barrett - “la di die”

Stand Atlantic - “Deathwish”

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  1. Thanks for this list! I will have to give some of these a try 🙂

  2. Thanks for this list! I will have to give some of these a try 🙂