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Olivia Cardona 

I recently had the opportunity to interview FRND CRCL. We discussed the unique writing and recording process for new song, “Complications”, the modern punk scene, filming their video in an industrial size blueberry refrigerator, what’s next for the band, and more. Check it out below.

First, thanks for the interview.

No problem! Thanks for having us. 

You recently released your new song, “Complications”. What was the writing and recording process like for the song?

Adam: A lot different than other songs. We incorporated pretty much an entirely new genre of music into our sound. It was scary at first because to be honest, I wasn’t sure if it was going to work. But it turned out pretty sick.

Dom: We started this tune early in the pandemic. Zac sent me a recording of him playing it on acoustic guitar and overdubbed a bunch of guitars on it. Then we made another demo of the song with drums, bass and vocals. It was written almost entirely remotely and there were only a couple of times we got together in person to work on it.

I really like the way the guitars sound. How long did you work on them in the studio and what equipment did you use?

Dom: The recording process was quick for this song. We cut drums and bass live. The next day Zac did guitars in just a few hours, and then I did mine the following day. Then vocals and all of the additional things were done over the course of a couple days. Most of what you’re hearing on this track guitar wise is Zacs’s Jazzmaster going through what I believe to be a mid 60s Fender Bassman. I played through a Duo Sonic through a Fender Princeton with a FZ-5 for the leads. In the first verse you’re hearing a Pignose amp weak batteries in it, which gives the sound an interesting character. I’m also playing a Charvel San Dimas and a Stratocaster in some parts. The EHX Holy Grail Reverb pedal was also a big part of my sound in the bridge. We really put a lot of consideration into the production of this song, but at the same time it all went by so quickly I can hardly remember the details.

You've said you want this song to be your breakthrough into the modern punk scene. What do you think about the modern punk scene and what inspires you about it?

Zac: I keep hearing this term “Nu Punk” be thrown around and there - It seems like a revival of old ideas being formulated into the modern world pop punk era. Right now, I believe we’re going through a transitional period where more A-List artists are making a majority of the waves, but there’s soon to be an upheaval of more underground artists that really take this and run with it for the better. Hopefully we’re one of them!

You released a video for the song, which was filmed inside an industrial size blueberry refrigerator. What was the video shoot like and do you have a favorite moment from it?

Adam: Cold, tired, and pandemic fatigued but it was a lot of fun. For me I really enjoyed watching the mischievous break-in and enter scenes be shot. It made the performance shots a lot more fun knowing that these ladies were terrorizing our “band practice.” 

Dom: I was nervous because towards the end of the shoot I broke a guitar string and didn’t want it to be noticeable in the rest of the footage.

As things open up following the pandemic, you’ve mentioned plans for tours, merch, and more music. What’s next for the band? What can fans expect?

Zac: Despite the pandemic, this is going to be a big year for FRND CRCL. We definitely have new music coming out sooner rather than later, we are finally going on fucking tour, and we couldn’t be more stoked so stay tuned for those announcements.

Dom: There’s always more music in the works than we can even keep track of. Tours are the next step for us.

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

Adam: Hit up Tyler Skye at monoplane studios for some bangin tracking. Also there’s new merch over at frndcrcl.com and don’t forget to stream “complications!”. 


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