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I recently had the opportunity to interview WRISTMEETRAZOR. We discussed how Jonah started the band at his parent’s house, the band’s diy philosophy, the writing and recording process of their upcoming album, ‘Replica Of A Strange Love’, how good philosophy is timeless, working with Isaac Hale of Knocked Loose, filming the video for new song, “Last Tango In Paris”, and more. Check it out below.

First, thanks for the interview.

JONAH: Of course, thanks for having us.

You started as a DIY solo project. What has changed since then and what benefits have you found to building the band with a DIY philosophy? 

JONAH: Since I started WRISTMEETRAZOR in my bedroom of my parents house 4 years ago, the attitude has always stayed consistent. We have passion for the music we play, and we want to share that with everyone and anyone that will listen. At the beginning it was just me of course, so having Justin, Bryan, and Tyler now to write together and create all we’ve made has turned WRISTMEETRAZOR into an absolute monster of a band and workforce. Coming from the DIY side of things and getting signed to Prosthetic really only added to our fire and made us want to work even harder and grow the band ourselves.

JUSTIN: We tour constantly and maintain a strong DIY work ethic in our everyday lives as well. We’re all artists and promoters in our own respects, it’s not something that begins and ends with the band.

You recently announced your new album, ‘Replica Of A Strange Love’. Can you tell me about the writing and recording process for the album?

JUSTIN: We spent a week at Isaac’s house writing, and a week in Chicago recording. The process was generally the same collection of ping pong’ing ideas back and forth that led to our last record, except we had the addition of our new guitarist Tyler. Isaac lives in rural Kentucky so there was an element of isolation that helped us as well, we rarely left his house.

I’ve read that it utilizes the work of Nietzsche, Foucault, LaVey, and more to “make sense of human reactions and sociological phenomena specific to ongoing events”. Tell us more about this. 

JUSTIN: I think good philosophy is timeless, I saw a lot of parallels in current events - and in my own life - materializing in a very familiar way. There is a certain power in individuality that has been willed into existence over the past 12 months that hasn’t existed in years. It’s all relative to the times, just like our new record is lyrically, emotionally, and philosophically relative. Some will be more obvious, others not so much.

You also released the single, “Last Tango In Paris”. Sonically, it sounds somewhat different than your previous album. Is the song a good indication of the sonic direction you explored with this new album overall?

JUSTIN: Not entirely. Though, some of our biggest critics are already scoffing at the prospect that it might be. We’ve always enjoyed watching them squirm.

Isaac Hale provides guest vocals for the single as well as some producing and writing for the new album. How did it work out for you to work with him? What did he bring to the album? 

JUSTIN: Isaac is one of the best musicians I’ve ever met. He understands music with a utilitarian, workman-like proficiency. As soon as we showed up he was already completely on the same page. We’re also really good friends with him, so it was a natural and easy progression.

You also released a video for “Last Tango In Paris”. Who came up with the concept for the video and what was the video shoot like?

JUSTIN: I came up with the concept. I’ve always loved music videos from the early 2000s that were aggressive yet striking in front of an all-black background. It’s an Eighteen Visions-esque focus on facial features and lighting. Lighting was such a huge focus. My friend Cecilia Aus Dem Bruch - who is also on the album cover - performed in it and Cameron Nunez filmed it. The video came out amazing. We couldn’t be happier.

Do you like creating videos or do you find them more stressful? What has changed during the process due to the pandemic? 

JUSTIN: I like creating anything. Creation is what makes this fun. If I get to a point where creating bores me, I’ll quit. The process was a little different; However, as a band, we typically like to keep to ourselves when it’s time to work.

What can fans expect in the lead up to the release of the album?

JUSTIN: More of everything, in increased quantity.

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

JUSTIN: Our record is currently available for pre-order through our website www.wristmeetrazor.com, get the first press now because it might not make it to June 11.





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