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I recently had the opportunity to interview Spencer of New Heroes. We discussed the band’s upcoming split with Madaline, which is due out February 19th. Find out more about why he thinks these are the band’s best songs yet, the 10” lathe cut, the split’s artwork, and more below.  

First, thanks for the interview.

Thank YOU!

Your new split EP with Madaline was just announced. How did it work out for you to team up with Madaline for it?

I (Spencer) work with Mark who is the singer/guitarist for Madaline and he said he had always wanted to do a split, so I suggested that we do one together since we had some songs the didn’t have an intended release.

How did you pick which songs would go on this split? Were they written specifically for it?

These were songs that were written before Juan, Angel, and I joined the band but never got fully released. We intended to do a reimagined version of them anyway so when Mark and I decided to do the split we figured these songs were perfect for it.

I saw where you’ve said these are your best songs yet. Can you tell me about the songs?

I say that because I’ve loved these songs since Ryan sent them to me and bringing them to life has given me such a greater love for them. They are also one of my best works when it comes to the mixing and production that I’ve done. 

Do you have a favorite one? If so, why?

I (Spencer) personally like High Horse because of the big dramatic ending we put in.

The artwork for the split is awesome. It reminds me of artwork you would see on punk and ska albums from the late 90s. Who came up with it and why did you choose it?

Mark is also an artist and he designed it. I personally don’t know his process behind it but he showed us and we loved it. 

You’re releasing a 10” lathe cut record as well. What can you tell me about it in terms of packaging, etc.?

The records can be preordered at Bandcamp (one location for simplicity) and I believe we are planning to have some on hand if it’s not preordered, but don’t quote me on that and just go ahead and preorder it. 

Is this the first time you’ve released a lathe or vinyl release? What made you want to do a lathe for the split?

This is the first time and we’re super excited to have our material on vinyl. Again Mark has been a huge part of this, he knows the person who makes these lathe cuts, and suggested we make a preorder link for them and we thought it was a great idea. 

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

Thanks for supporting us with these interviews and we really appreciate the attention that you’ve brought to Texas bands because there is a lot of untapped talent here.

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