Waxflower - Sound In The Signals Interview

I recently had the opportunity to interview Waxflower. We discussed the band’s new song, “Getting Better”, filming the video for the song, and more. Check it out below.

First, thanks for the interview.

Thank you for having me!

You just released your new song “Getting Better”. Can you tell me about writing the song and what some of your inspirations were for it?

'Getting Better' stemmed from the realisation that a relationship was past the point of no return. I recorded the song in voice memos on my phone and sent it to the guys and there was an immediate connection. In terms of inspiration sonically, I was definitely shooting for a Kisschasy acoustic vibe.

You recently said the song dealt with some dark periods in your life. How cathartic was it for you to write the song? How do you hope fans receive the song who may also be struggling with hard times?

It was cathartic to catalogue those emotions, to put them into something outside of my mind. Although the song is hyper-personal, I'd like to think people could connect with the themes & vibe. I know when I'm feeling low I gravitate towards the somber songs.

What do you think of the reaction to the song so far?

It's been good! I don't really hold high expectations for music releases - I can get too in my head looking at numbers and comments. At the end of the day I'm just excited to be releasing music.

You also released a new video for the song. Can you tell me a little about the video shoot and concept for it?

The video shows me having run away. I'm stopped at a highway motel having a breakdown basically haha. We wanted a simple premise and setting to frame what was hopefully an emotional performance.

I really like the vibe you captured with the video. Where did you shoot it and who chose the location?

We shot it at a motel in Caboolture QLD. We actually did a fair bit of scouting to find the most run down looking motel but most were largely above board. Unlucky for us, but lucky for the general public I guess. We had to do some styling to get the room looking how we wanted, but it turned out great!

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

Thanks for taking the time to chat with me, I hope you enjoy Getting Better x

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