Keep Flying - Sound In The Signals Interview

Keep Flying recently released their new song “Artie (The Strongest Man In The World)”. We discussed the song, recording at The Lumberyard, the band's upcoming EP, and more. Check out the full interview below.

First, thanks for the interview.

Henry here. Anytime! Lets jump into it!

You just released your new song “Artie (The Strongest Man In The World)”. Can you tell me about writing this song? How long did you work on it and what were some of the musical and lyrical inspirations?

This song was originally conceived in December 2018. Lyrically it comes from a place of learning that you can’t be perfect and accepting that it’s okay. Growing up and getting older is learning what your skills are and how to give them back to the world. It’s hard to know that without failure.

It was a special experience bringing this one to life because we got to collaborate with Nik (Man Overboard) and Ace (The Early November) at the Lumberyard Recordings. Creating with them has been an absolute delight and I think the end results speak for themselves.

One thing I like about the song is how well everything works musically specifically how the horns really compliment the guitar. How do you usually write the horns for the songs?

We’re #blessed to have such a talented horn section in the band. Doing my best to speak for them, they are great at creating catchy melodies that really open up our sound. They love to play!

You also released a video for it. Can you tell me about the video shoot? Who came up with the concept and do you have any funny or interesting stories from filming?

We got to make this video with the great Alex Zarek in Chicago while on our last tour. He envisioned the imagery of building things up only to bring them down, not unlike how we do in our own lives. He’s made so many great music videos so we trusted him to to lead us in making a dope vid.

You’re releasing a new EP in a few weeks. What can you tell me about it? I know you recorded “Artie” at The Lumberyard. Did you record the whole EP there?

Yes all songs appearing on the new EP were recorded at the Lumberyard. It will be a 7 inch EP prepared for a December release. Full announcement is coming. Keep your head up and your eyes open!

The team of Nik and Ace at The Lumberyard have recorded a lot of good songs and albums. What is it like working with them? What do you think they bring to the songs?

The longer I play music, the more I relish the opportunity to collaborate. Every writer or producer has a different approach to music and Nik and Aces ideas, I believe, really compliment our ideas. We’ll do it again with them maybe?

A 7” vinyl release is also planned for the EP. Will that come out on Smartpunk Records? Do you have any neat variants or special things planned for the vinyl release?

Boy oh boy do we have some special variant and release deals plans! I’m hoping it’s becoming apparent to our fans that we love items. We have some collectors in the band and that comes out in our merch drops. Get. Ready!

I guess that wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

We love to play! Get to a gig and let’s absolutely go.

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