Doombird - 'Past Lives' (Album Stream)

Stream the album and read a message from Kris Anaya about the album below!

Message originally found on Facebook: HERE.

We have never been more excited to release an album and today iTunes finally put it up for sale. Since I was young I have suffered from anxiety for which I know most people have as well. I've always wanted to share my reflections of this emotion within my own words. Each song falls into my personal experiences with anxiety and touches upon my past lives that have been associated with it. Even while we were recording the record I had problems dealing with the stress of being in the studio. I wanna thank everybody at Gold Standard (Eric, Shan, Will),Jesea from High Road Publicity, our friends and family and everybody who has given us advice along the way, but most importantly I wanna thank our fans for the constant support for our band and always enjoying our sounds. This record more importantly is for you and for anybody who deals with depression and anxiety. Thank you so much!!

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