Six Time Champion - New Song "Down" & EP Details

Brighton's pop punks Six Time Champion announced new EP, More Than Me and are streaming lead single "Down". They had a line up change last year and spent most of the second half of 2015 writing the EP. It was recorded at The Outhouse with John Mitchell (Architects, Lower Than Atlantis).

When discussing the title and artwork of the EP vocalist, James Dagg said, "always writing about my own personal issues is quite a self-involved act, and I just hope that these songs do actually reach out on a personal level to people other than myself. The artwork signifies how everything around you can become overwhelming and force you into this overly self-involved state of mind".

More Than Me will be released digitally and physically on October 14th. Listen via SoundCloud.

1. Lost
2. Down
3. Every Angle
4. Uneasy
5. Doubt

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