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Mayberry is a rising pop rock band from Edinburg, TX. They've shared the stage with Fall Out Boy, Plain White T's, and Fifth Harmony. They will release their third EP this summer which was produced and co-written by members of Boys Like Girls. As they release their first single, "Wildfire" and prepare for the release of their EP, Esteban took some time to tell us how important it is to write songs with a message, how Fifty Shades of Grey inspired the new music, and how the new EP is a "Beautiful Mess".

First, thanks for the interview!

Esteban: Hey Sound in The Signals! Esteban here, Thanks for reaching out!

Mayberry placed second in a Ryan Seacrest hosted cover song contest, which earned the band the national spotlight. You've worked with some talented producers including Geoff Rockwell (Forever the Sickest Kids, Artist vs. Poet) and you're continuing to build your fan base with a lot of anticipation for your upcoming EP. Can you tell us a bit about how you got started and your background for those who may be unfamiliar?

Esteban: Of course! Throughout high school I actually played bass for my current drummer’s (brayden) band. I was so determined to be in a band during high school, that once I heard brayden’s band needed a bassist, I bought a bass that afternoon and tried out for the band with no past bass experience.  I pretty much lied that I knew what I was doing, but in reality I just was so focused and determined to play in a band that any spot in the band worked for me. Playing bass in a band was fun but after a while, I knew singing and songwriting was my passion and soon after started my own solo project, “Mayberry”. I started Mayberry at the end of my senior year and soon after graduation I took a gamble and I used all my graduation money to fly up to Dallas and record the first ep “ALL I NEED”. When it finally came time to get a group together and take it more serious, I stole brayden (drummer) back, met Andrew (guitarist) at a church retreat and recruited him and well the bassist is my younger brother, so when he finally got old enough to join, I let him in! & The rest is history!

You've worked with John Keefe and Morgan Dorr (Boys Like Girls) who helped produce and co-write your EP, Just a Dream and the upcoming EP, Beautiful Mess. How did this partnership happen? What's the process like when working with them?

Esteban: Crazy story! Back in 2013 they came down to my hometown and played a show at the state farm arena. I wanted to go to the venue super early and hopefully run into them and give them a copy of “all I need” but I was stuck at work, so I begged my brother (hector) and my mom to go to the venue and look for them! Luckily the band was working out outside of their bus and my brother got to give them a copy of the EP.  2 weeks later I got a DM on twitter from Morgan saying “nice tunes. Lets work” and that’s how it all began! Over the last two years we have built a great friendship those guys. We’ve flown out to boston twice to record, and once in LA where we got to stay with them and had some crazy unforgettable nights. The writing process is fun, organic and very smooth. I usually show up with ideas, lyrics, melody’s & from there we brainstorm, pick apart ideas, and as soon as we get the music/instrumentals going,  the rest of it falls into place. They’re great producers and extremely talented musicians.
Speaking of your upcoming EP, you're set to release Beautiful Mess on July 22nd. I've had the chance to listen to it and I think fans will be pleased with the progression and the energetic, fun sound of the EP. You've said that "Beautiful Mess is a project I'm extremely excited about. Songs about personal experiences, this EP is influenced by many styles and sounds that I hope will appeal to old & new listeners." Do you often draw from personal experiences when writing? Can you tease anything new to the fans about the EP? 

Esteban: Definitely. Whether it be me going through something, or knowing somebody going through a situation it inspires me to jump into their shoes and write a song from their prospective or what I feel like they’re going through. Sometimes my songs are just stories I come up with, sometimes they’re personal experiences. I feel that’s how I come up with the most relatable lyrics. As far as surprises go, I feel like I got to experiment with more than just one specific pop sound. We mix rock, alternative, pop, indie Americana, soul rnb all into one EP which to me is a “Beautiful Mess”.

"Wildfire" is the first single off the EP. Like on the rest of the EP the lyrics are catchy and the sound is quite infectious. I can definitely see fans singing along. Can you tell us a bit about the writing and recording process of this song and/or the EP, in general and perhaps any similarities or differences you found from your past experiences with your other EPs?

Esteban: Wildfire was the first song we got done for the “Beautiful Mess” EP, the second time we went up to Boston. It was hector’s first time meeting the guys (Morgan & John) and it was the first mayberry record that he got involved in the writing process. I had an idea of making a Pop Alternative/Dance record with the whole “50 shades of grey” theme to it. Talking about a strong physical desire that completely takes control. This time around, I didn’t put any writing boundaries and didn’t want to have to censor myself to try to please a certain audience. I feel no matter what a song is about, if its catchy, infectious, relatable and easy to sing along, the song will be good!

Your song "Heartbeat" was featured in a commercial for NBC's Running Wild with Bear Grylls. What was this experience like? Would you like to feature other songs in TV or film in the future?

Esteban: It was surreal! In LA, we got a publishing deal with the “Just A Dream” EP and soon after that we landed the sync! It was crazy hearing my song on national TV! I’d love to feature another song in either a commercial, tv show or movie. Every time I listen to “On Top Of The World” I can totally picture it in either a sports movie or a bad*ss nike commercial haha.

Another favorite of mine is "I See More In You", a song off your EP, Just a Dream. The band has stated before to "just know your past doesn’t define you, Your present situation is not permanent & always keep fighting for a better tomorrow". That's a great message that you are sending. How important is it that fans find meaning in your music and what do you hope they get from it?

Esteban: It’s a surreal feeling knowing that idea and  lyrics I wrote down on a notepad can have such a huge impact on someone. I’m blessed that these days I have a bigger audience that’ll listen to what I write, so writing songs with a message and meaning is a big part of it. On Beautiful Mess “Find My Way” is the inspirational/uplifting track on the EP.  From Personal Experience, I know that following your passion can get irritating and discouraging but nothing feels better than getting to where you wanted to be because you stayed persistent and didn’t give up.

We're excited for fans to check out the first single off the EP, "Wildfire" and the EP in July. What else is coming up for the band as you prepare to release it and afterward? How can fans keep up with what's going on?

Esteban: We’re so excited to finally give the fans what they’ve been waiting for.. NEW MUSIC! The best thing to do is to keep in touch with us on all social media outlets IG/FB/Twitter/SC - @MayberryBand to get the lastest on what’s happening next. Tons of music, music videos, covers and show dates on the way!

Thanks for the interview. Do you have anything you would like to add?

Esteban: thanks for the questions! “Beautiful Mess” will be out july 22! I hope you guys enjoy the new music as much as I do!

Also!  if you’re into hip hop and want new music to jam to in the mean time, check out my other brother’s project @JseaMusic - soundcloud.com/jseamusic we’ve got some sick mayberry collabs in there!

Thanks for all the love Sound in The Signals! Cheers!

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