Turnover, Such Gold, Maker, Ivy League, TX - Split (Review)

It is always a great opportunity to get a new song from a band you like or check out bands that you may have not heard of when bands and labels create a split 7 inch. It can be a huge success if it is done correctly. Broken Rim Records has done just that with their new split EP. It’s pretty much a full on success from band choices, to the split artwork, and to the way the record variants turned out.

When the new Turnover, Such Gold, Maker, Ivy League TX Split 7 inch was announced I was instantly excited. I'm a huge fan of a couple of these bands. Just hearing that Maker would have a new track on the split was super exciting. Maker's contribution "Here She Comes" is probably my favorite song off the split and is easily one of the best songs the band has ever released. Maker is a band that deserves to be huge. The Such Gold song "Framed" encapsulates everything I really enjoy from the band. It has a great vibe and is a really solid song. The guitar riffs and vocal work on “Cave” from Ivy League TX is awesome. I really like the brooding catchy vibe of Turnover's contribution "I Would Hate You If I Could".

Pirate Press Record of The Week blog posted about the vinyl variants for this split. After seeing them I can honestly say they turned out great from the pictures. From the photos that have been released the "Sour Diesel Hazel" variant seems to be the big standout of the three variants. It looks really cool.

The split is a great opportunity to check out some of these bands. It's super cohesive. The bands are all unique, but they come from a similar enough scene that the sounds all fit together and it really makes sense. The records also look really nice. The artwork is top notch and looks really great. It has some really great songs on it. Check this out.

*Note: These tracks were reviewed from the digital download. I cannot comment on the sound of the actual 7" record because I have only seen pictures and do not have the physical copy. I can comment though that every release I own from Broken Rim Records sounds really good.

You can order the split 7" here: http://brokenrimrecords.storenvy.com

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