Jon Russelburg - Ghost (EP REVIEW)

I've been interested in hearing Jon Russelburg's debut EP for a while now (since I saw Jon perform at Bad Apple Records 10 year anniversary show). The Ghost EP is a well executed five song release (six if you count the bonus track). Russelburg's EP to me is best described as an indie rock/alternative soft rock album. I can hear a lot of nineties influences. When I think of artists whose sound I might compare it to some of them are Rocky Votolato, The Get Up Kids, and David Bazan (as well as some Pedro The Lion).

In sound and production the EP is executed very well. Russelburg's vocal ability drives a lot of the album for me and the instrumentation on the album compliments his ability really well. I really like how this was produced and mixed. It has a nice sound which I think helps capture the vibe of the album.

The EP kicks off with "Queen Mary" and the theme of ghosts is introduced in the lyrics. The piano part in the song adds a nice haunting element to the music. It's a great way to start the EP. One song I like a lot from the EP "Cold Bones" has a nice alternative 90s rock vibe. It's one of the better songs on the album and the whole song is performed well both musically and vocally. The title track "Ghost" lyrically might be one of my favorite tracks on the EP. It is a really well written track and the version of the EP I received from Bad Apple included a bonus acoustic version of this song. Both versions are done well. I probably prefer the full band version on the EP due to the drums on that version. I like what they add to the song and how they were produced and mixed. It adds a lot to the song. On the other hand the stripped down acoustic version may highlight Russelburg's vocal ability slightly better.

The Ghost EP in promotion might have the tag "long awaited" with it, but it could also have the tag "well worth the wait" as Russelburg comes out strong with a batch of very well written songs. The EP is well sequenced and there isn't any filler found throughout. I would definitely recommend checking this out. It's really well done and well worth a good solid listen.

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