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You're new EP Lemonade came out no too long ago. I know the record
must have had an interesting recording experience seeing as one of you
is from Alabama and the other is from the Ukraine. Can you tell me a
little about the recording experience and how you create songs
together? Since we're across the world from each other we have to do
our parts separately so that makes everything wide open for each of
us. I'll write the entire album and then record my vocals.
Heinali takes it from there. Sometimes he'll do drafts of a song but
99 percent of the time he'll hit the nail right on the head his
first try.

You are a spoken word artist how did you get interested in spoken
word? I never set out to be a spoken word artist. It started when my
friend Randy Yerkes was recording his first album. He used a lot of
samples from movies but he told me that he really liked some of my
writings. He asked me to record a couple of them and they made it on
to his first album. It was a huge thrill for me. Music has been
something I've loved since before I can remember but I can't play
anything. People seemed to like the songs so I brought up the idea of
starting a band and we did. It's called Finneyerkes. We're on a hiatus
but I guess we'll be back sometime. I'm extremely focused on what I'm
doing with Heinali. Maybe my only real talent is convincing incredible
musicians to work with me.

For new listeners what track off Lemonade would be the best
introduction and why do you think that? "End of July" seems to the
'single' off of it. It's the catchiest song on the album, I think. It
gets you ready for what's in store.

You released your new EP as a pay what you want option on your
bandcamp. Have you been pleased with the reception of the EP? What
made you decide to guy with the pay what you want option for this
release? I'm very pleased with it. A little shocked at the amount of
positive feedback we got. The listeners and critics have been amazing.
Releasing it on Bandcamp seemed to be the best option for us. We
didn't want to have to wait on a label to pick it up but it's gotten
to the point where artists don't need a label anymore. We're happy
being without one and doing it ourselves. The way Radiohead and Nine
Inch Nails were releasing their records appealed to us. If you like
the music, you can be in charge and give back.

Lemonade is the second collaboration between you guys. What do you
think is different in the process from the new EP and the first EP you
did together? Our first ep was written with the idea that every song
was a single. No song on there features the same set of instruments.
We wanted to reinvent the approach with our next one. Lemonade is very
connected. Heinali wanted to purposely limit himself and
use the same set of instruments throughout.

The track “Lemonade” is really interesting lyrically. I was wondering
kind of where your head was at when you wrote the lyrical portion of
the song? That song is probably the weirdest thing I've written. Every
song on there is about a rough time I was going through last year. I
know my head wasn't in the best place but it never is. Part of it is
about a girl that I knew and a situation that we were in. It tackles
the spiteful part of me. Mainly, it's about exhaustion. The part about
the guy with a guitar in the street comes from a dream that I had
after I watched Lost Highway. Thanks Mr. Lynch!

If you buy a physical copy of Lemonade you also receive a book of
poetry can you tell me a little about that? Actually, there aren't any
physical copies. We hate this but we can't afford to press them. If
you buy a copy of the digital album then you get a book of poetry that
I released through DotContemporary net label and you get some bonus
songs. We wanted to give you something other than liner notes.

I guess that about wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to answer
the questions. Do you have any closing comments you'd like to make?
Thanks so much to everybody that's listened, bought, or told someone
about our music.We're forever indebted to you. Be on the look out for
our next album. It's coming soon. And thank you for doing an interview
with us!

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